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Tour the Morne Estate

St Lucia

provided by

Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park

You are guided through a small village of replica stick huts similar to those used two centuries ago by local villagers. The gardens around offer close-up views of the more popular local flora. You pass the Monplaisir family’s grand estate house next and this offers great photo opportunities before you enjoy another live demonstration. Learn the process of de-husking a coconut and drying the copra in an oven before having a taste of coconut water and jelly. After enjoying the bay view from the point (do not forget to bring spare batteries for your camera), you have the opportunity to taste a ripe cocoa bean at the cocoa house before witnessing the process of fermentation, bean drying and the cocoa dance used to polish the dried beans. The tour ends with a mule-driven sugar cane mill and the taste of fresh cane juice.


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