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Rum AND Chocolate!

Morne Coubaril Estate, St. Lucia

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Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park

Come time travel with Morne to an 18th-century sugar cane and cocoa plantation where the journey of sweet savories are turned into the finest concoction! Away from the old seaport which linked pirates and plantations, this location was ideal for a sugar cane and cocoa plantation calling for pirate’s fun time. While strolling through the plantation you will notice the vegetation and the replica of 18th-century houses with the remnants of the past. The guide will lead you into the plantation of Morne Coubaril telling you the rum and chocolate stories, showing you the foundation in which chocolate is made with the final stop at the rum shop where tasting local rum and sampling raw chocolate bring your palate to life. Isn’t that sweet?


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