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Castries ‘Dwivayez’ (History) Tour

Jeremie St, Castries, St. Lucia

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City Walkers

Walk with City Walkers through the corridors of time. Marvel at the love story of St. Lucia! Learn of our discovery and our name. Understand why St. Lucia was the prized gem of the European powers and was fought over so many times. They say that the entire history of Saint Lucia revolves around Castries. Explore the parks, square and Boulevard and delve into their captivating history. Learn of the bravery and valiant contributions made to St. Lucian society by the men behind the bust. Discover the romance of the street names, the story behind important buildings and their architecture. Let your senses relive the terror of some of the city’s most tragic events. Catch your breath before you’re hit with the excitement of the Castries market. Need and get the locals and feel their vibes. Become a Dwivayez! Explore learn and take away and experience you will never forget! Walk through Castries is with us!


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