5 Signs of Relationship Compatibility

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Pink Coconuts Think Team
May 27, 2021
5 Signs of Relationship Compatibility

What are 5 Major signs of relationship compatibility?

1. You Share Common Values

There's no doubt about it. Values are super important to the success of any relationship. It’s a high likelihood that your relationship will last if you see eye to eye on issues that you care about most.

Religion, Money...ethical non-monogamy. We’re not saying that we have to agree on everything but if you disagree on the things that matter most this could cause a significant rift in the relationship in the future, if they are fundamental differences.

So when dating, you should look closely into this.

2. You’re comfortable

A good sign when meeting someone for the first few dates is that you instantly feel comfortable and at ease.

Someone who you can be yourself around is not only good for the success of the relationship but also good for you too. Long term relationships can be stressful at times and so its important that you’re with someone that you can bring your full authentic self and all your quirkiness (and insecurities) to the table.

3. Balance

Balance is key. Because emotional dependency is a thing. Many times we come into relationships looking to fill a void or looking for an emotional fix. This can lead to codependency. We can rely too heavily on our partners for constant support, reassurance and love. We can become clingy or too reliant. Separation is important sometimes, having our own friends, our own activities and a life outside the relationship is healthy.

Time apart gives us time to miss our partners and that does wonders for our relationships.

Remember - Happiness is an inside job.

4. They bring out the best

A great partner is supportive and encouraging. While your growth and your life is entirely your responsibility - a compatible partner brings out the best in you. You light up and ‘glow up’ when you’re supported.

You’ll see growth in your life when you're in a compatible relationship. Sometimes you may need an extra push or a boost of confidence to take the opportunities and to go after the goals you’ve set for yourself. A compatible relationship can do that.

5. Commitment

Having the same level of commitment is key to compatible relationships. From the onset, it’s important to be clear about what we’re looking for - The timing of this is debatable but here at Pink Coconuts we believe that the sooner you’re clear about your wants and needs - the better. If you’re on a quest for a serious long term relationship then say that. There’s nothing worse than being with someone who doesn’t match your level of commitment in a relationship.

Some people may be looking for something casual for the time being and that’s perfectly great but let’s be clear about our levels of commitment in a relationship. This can be draining and ultimately disappointing as time goes on. So let’s make sure it’s a pretty close match!

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