5 Gender non-conforming artists you should know

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February 2, 2022
5 Gender non-conforming artists you should know

The world has certainly progressed when it comes to accepting changing gender norms. Artists from Prince and Madonna have and continue to play a monumental role in global representation and pride, making sure queer culture contunues to evolve and moves forward. Here are a few gender non conforming artistes to listen to:



The youngest person and only woman to ever be awarded the Grammy Award for the best reggae Album, Koffee is an upcoming legend. This young musical prodigy accompanies her art with gender-neutral clothing and suggestive themes and the music is just as captivating as the artiste. Koffee goes on tour this April. Check out her tour dates here at Koffee Official.


Young MA

Young M.A. was thrust into notoriety with the release of her hit single “Ooouuu” which dominated the charts and radio station for weeks. A proud member of the LGBTQ community, she often advocates about self-love and acceptance, referencing the difficulty she experienced while coming to terms with her sexuality.



Teni is no stranger to the entertainment scene, Teni is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and entertainer. Fitted in rainbow socks, Teni stepped into the limelight with songs like “Askamaya”, and “case”, certified bops that would influence anyone to listen to the rest of her catalogue. Follow the boss herself here.


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Although recently forced to reveal her sexuality due to unfortunate causes, Lila Ike is well supported and admired as a talented reggae singer. In a series of tweets that indicated that she was attracted to women, Lila inquired into whether her sexuality diminished her talent, and anyone who listens to her understands that her music is fantastic. Follow her here.



A multidimensional artiste, Darkoo swings between afrobeats, R&B, drill and other music genres and like the unpredictability of her sound, Darkoo’s androgynous nature shows a fluidity in her gender. Her ability to never stagnate adds a level of intrigue to an already gifted artiste. Follow on instagram here.

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