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Frequently asked questions

What is a Pink Coconuts ?

Pink Coconuts is a start-up on a mission to make it easier, more safe, connected and fun for LGBTQ people to travel the world. A 'Pink Coconut' is a LGBTQ friendly space, community or adventure in a non-traditional destination.

How do you to that?

We’re connecting LGBTQ travellers to friendly travel companies, communites and partners across the world.

We're a couple, and a group of friends, are only singles allowed?

Pink Coconuts aims to make it safer, easier and more fun for everyone.

Why  these destinations?

We believe that a 'Pink Coconut' can be found anywhere in the world and we believe that LGBTQ people should be able to travel everywhere while supporting local communities - including the non-traditional LGBTQ destinations.

Are you sure LGBTQ people can travel to these places?

Discrimination can happen anywhere, what Pink Coconuts does is decreases the chance of you having an unpleasant experience when traveling to any destination - Our bar isn't safety, it's comfort and with the help of awesome local communities, partners and allies Pink Coconuts is on a mission to make travel fun, enjoyable and well-connected.

For more information email us at hello@pinkcoconuts.com

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